Stockholm Junior Water Price: Recent Brazilian and Swedish Innovations

Stockholm Junior Water Price: Recent Brazilian and Swedish Innovations

We all know the importance of sustainable water treatment for the future of our cities and climate.

The Young Water Prize from Stockholm plays an important job of promotion of innovation together with youth in 2021 is a special year for o Prize, as the first time you have a Brazilian, Gabriel Fernandes, who wins or popular vote!

Professor Kenneth M. Persson from the University of Lund will present two recent academic articles from Gabriel Fernandes will present or work that was awarded, followed by the presentation of Victor Gustavo Diniz Silva, finalist for the prize in Brazil in 2021, and all participated in a panel led by coordinator do Prêmio no Brasil, Witan Silva.

This webinar will encourage a continuous dialogue between young people, the academy and the industry in this area.

The event is finished.

Hourly Schedule


10:00 - 10:05
10:05 - 10:25
Presentation of his research in the area
Based on the articles “Glass bottled drinking water: a time capsule to study the historical presence of hazardous chemicals using effects-based methods” and “Oil refineries and water pollution in the context of sustainable development: developing and developed countries ”
10:25 - 10:40
"Development of a microplastics retention mechanism in water treatment plants (WTPs)
10:40 - 10:55
"Assessment of the use of oleophilic vegetable fiber in the collection of spilled oil in aquatic environments"
10:55 - 11:20
Discussion panel
Panel discussion moderated by Witan Silva, coordinator of the Stockholm Water Award in Brazil


Monday 08 Nov 2021
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