Aeronautics is a highly strategic technology area for both Brazil and Sweden. Sweden, despite being a small country, is a very successful defense aircraft manufacturer and supplier of parts for civil aircrafts. And Brazil through Embraer is one of the four major civil aircraft manufacturers in the world. The aviation industry with its use of advanced technologies has extensive influences also in other sectors by involving auto industry, communication industry, and development of news composites among some. This means that the aeronautics industry is a very important player in the national innovation system.

The common denominator between Sweden and Brazil is the signing of the Gripen contract. The deal between Brazil and SAAB on purchasing 36 fighter jets is different in the sense that the parties will develop the plane together. The first batch will be made in Sweden and the second will be produced in Brazil. It is about co-creating and knowledge sharing. The ambition, both in Brazil and in Sweden, is to expand and develop the competence for the next generation of aircrafts. By building on this relation, there is a unique long term opportunity to develop these capabilities in collaboration.

Credits: Gripen NG © Saab AB