Both Sweden and Brazil have a long history of mining. Both countries have large mining companies and many mines in addition to vast knowledge and expertise in the field. In Brazil, the mining sector comprises 2,3% of its GDP, and all of 7% when including the mineral transformation industry. Moreover, the mining sector in Sweden has increased its share in the country’s GDP during the 2000s, and in 2010 totaled 0,85% of GDP. Sweden is also a frontrunner in sustainable innovation and technology.

Matching these companies with Brazil’s strong developments in mining would provide mutual business opportunities as well as knowledge sharing in technology, knowledge development, and sustainable and social responsibility processes. There is great potential to expand the existing exchange and cooperation between our two countries by together seeking mutually beneficial innovative solutions. In order to enhance the cooperation between Sweden and Brazil in the mining area a Memorandum of Understanding was signed in October 2016.

Inovação e tecnologia para mineração sustentável
Credits: Simon Paulin/